Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tears for Some, Silence for Others

Ferdinand T. Cat wryly comments on The Progressive Blog Alliance HQ’s entry, “Why we denounce George Bush.”

The PBA HQ writes:

We watched from our televisions with tears in our eyes and screams in our hearts as innocent people died by the thousands.
The Cat points out how selective these tears are because they didn’t seem to flow when Clinton bombed Serbia. We can also add that they didn’t flow for the millions of Africans—the black ones, not the Theresa Heinz Kerry ones—killed in genocidal tribal war over the past decades. They didn’t flow for the hundreds of thousands of North Koreans who have died from starvation at the hands of a mentally ill communist dictator. They didn’t flow for the people killed by Saddam, or for the Marsh Arabs, or for the Kurds, or for the victims of the Taliban.

“I’ll weep for that falling star. The other stars will have to make do without my tears.”

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