Monday, February 21, 2005

An Absolutely Unsurprising Event

Hunter S. Thompson killed himself yesterday.


Lileks shows why he gets paid to write and I don't:

HST killed himself. He never would have “turned his life around” – that’s a hard thing to try when the room’s been spinning for 40 years. Depression? Wouldn’t be surprising. A bad verdict from the doc? Wouldn’t be surprising. A great writer in his prime, but the DVD of his career would have the last two decades on the disc reserved for outtakes and bloopers. It was all bile and spittle at the end, and it was hard to read the work without smelling the dank sweat of someone consumed by confusion, anger, sudden drunken certainties and the horrible fear that when he sat down to write, he could only muster a pale parody of someone else’s satirical version of his infamous middle period. I feel sorry for him, but I’ve felt sorry for him for years. File under Capote, Truman – meaning, whatever you thought of the latter-day persona, don’t forget that there was a reason he had a reputation. Read "Hell's Angels." That was a man who could hit the keys right.

I was going to fisk his unspeakable pro-Kerry pre-election garbage in ROLLING STONE, but decided against it because it would be like setting an old lame dog on fire. I'm glad I didn't, now.

Thompson was a man of harsh judgements. He just passed his harshest one yesterday.

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