Friday, January 10, 2003

The Thin Blue Line gets notably thinner...between the ears

For those of you who have been angered beyond measure by the story about the family whose dog was shot by the police in Cookeville, TN, rest assured that law enforcement in that area plays no favorites. They are equal opportunity bullet-spewing idiots, as the following story from the local paper's website illustrates:

News Story-Cookeville Cop shoots brother officer, gets slapped with a wet noodle

BTW, here's the state's reaction, according to WKRN of Nashville:

"The Governor's Press Secretary, Kriste Goad, fielded calls and responded to e mails most of the day on Thursday. She says it's an issue they and the Governor feel strongly about, "He was very moved also and he called the Smoak family and had a personal conversation with them. In that conversation he did express his condolences for their loss and for everything they've been through." They also add that the shooting investigation is being handled in Cookeville. The state has already found that their officers responded properly given what they thought was a felony traffic stop."

Governor weeps but could really care less

Well, in light of the first story, I think we can all sleep easier knowing that the crack lawmen of Cookeville are still on the case. I only hope that the Smoaks hire superb lawyers with a grudge against the local power structure for their proposed civil fight.

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