Sunday, January 05, 2003

A One Paragraph Blogfesto

In light of the insanity prevailing in the world, especially in light of the terrorist actions today, the following seems truly appropriate to inaugurate this blog and serve as a manifesto:

“The human person possesses rights because of the very fact that it is a person, a whole, master of itself and of its acts, and which consequently is not merely a means to an end, but an end, an end which must be treated as such. The dignity of the human person? This expression means nothing if it does not signify that by virtue of natural law, the human person has the right to be respected, is the subject of rights, possesses rights. There are things which are owed to man because of the very fact that he is man.” (Jacques Maritain, THE RIGHTS OF MAN AND NATURAL LAW, p. 65, cited in Charles A. Fecher’s THE PHILOSOPHY OF JACQUES MARITAIN, New York: Greenwood Press, Publishers. 1953, 207-7)

Thanks to Chris Benedict and his website Monsters from the Id for the idea for my blogtitle.

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