Sunday, August 28, 2005

Phone Etiquette, is it so hard?

If there is one thing that REALLY ticks me off, it's unsolicited phone calls. I've always hated phones, and the only reason I have one now is to get online. What really chaps me are the people who call and stubbornly insist on asking me who I am without providing Clue One as to who -they- are. I just had someone dial me up and blather on, "Is this Ernest Brown?," while I repeatedly said "Hello?" and waited for them to act like someone who knew how to use a phone. Finally, I gave up.

I shouldn't have to ask someone who they are. It's just another sign of what Billy Beck calls "The Endarkenment" that people can't show a little politeness and common sense these days.

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Anonymous said...

Here I am bi daily getting automated calls from financial institutions. The calls are voice activated when Hello is said and the recording says hello back and starts the pitch. I always ask are you soliciting with a real person, but these, ... I some times pretend I am talking back to an imbecile and would not repeat what I say. dw