Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The Unofficial Story

It seems that the story about the missing artifacts has been badly overblown. - Thousands of Iraqi artifacts found - May. 7, 2003

I'm certain that the idiotarian mewlers who got their shorts in a bunch over the exaggerated initial reports will be breaking out in joyous hosannas over the news...

when the Ice Capades performs for Lucifer in the Ninth Circle of Hell. None of those punks gave two centimes for the cultural values embodied in those artifacts in the first place, it was just something to grab onto to flog the U.S. with. The logic of their non-argument would justify the U.S. doing an "Elgin Marbles" with the contents of the Iraqi National Museum if, in fact, preserving such objects trumps the saving of human life. The "Lefties" ironically wound up arguing that the "evil West" should have had more concern for the artifacts in and of themselves than the "natives" were alleged to possess. Fortunately, this "soft bigotry of low expectations" has proved to be false.

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