Saturday, March 22, 2003

One in the history of the world (tip o' the pen to Former Belgian at Entre Nous)

Mr. Andrew Coyne, in Canada's NATIONAL POST, points out the stark fact of history that there has been exactly ONE country that has asked international permission -before- going to war. Three guesses as to who that is, and the first two do not count.


None of this will matter to the war-nicks. I just love the "magic irrefutable thinking" of the anti-war left in imagining that its protests suddenly effect retroactive change in U.S. military policy. The US is not very interesting in deliberately killing babies and unarmed women for the chief reason that they do not serve as very effective military assets. Rumsfeld could announce a "fuzzy puppy" strategy to get Saddam and his cohorts to settle down and leave Iraq by beaming pictures of charming pets into Iraq, and the America-haters would scream "Noo, the children will claw their eyes out when confronted by the evil of...THE YANKEE FUZZY PUPPY!" AAAAGGGH. Yankee Imperialist Terror Weapon Exposed-People of a Nervous Disposition and Children are advised to avert their eyes Of course, Chirac would immediately denounce the use of Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens in the conflict and threaten a UN veto.

After all this, Rumsfeld would say, "OK, Shock and Awe it is." The anti-war left would then claim victory as the U.S. Army youthful dog menace is vanquished in favor of massive pin-point bombardment of Iraq. If you think that this is exaggerated, check out this link about the absymal ignorance of things military by these characters. Peace Protestor destroys wrong aircraft

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