Friday, May 13, 2005

Cal Thomas gets "pod-snatched"

Dear Cal Thomas,

Has a liberal pod infiltrated your mind and made some sort of weird lefty substitution?

Blogs DO have a corrective mechanism, other blogs, i.e. good, old-fashioned skepticism at work. You've been complaining for years about the vile, unchecked bigotry of the MSMer's against Christians, and rightly so. Where were the "corrective mechanisms" then? Yeah, NON-EXISTENT, that's where they were.

You, OF ALL PEOPLE, should know how much credence should be given to "academic journalism," when the favorite film shown in journalism schools is the Chomskybot's MANUFACTURING CONSENT and where the REAL "dittoheadism" of leftist groupthink is spawned in your profession.

Did the great journalists of yesteryear have college degrees? Twain was a second-grade dropout. Hecht and Mencken didn't go to college. By your twisted logic, homeschooling shouldn't be permitted because the parents don't have the proper credentials.

The truth is, you're just jealous that punditry has been made available to the people, and you've chosen the side of the anti-Christian leftist vomit-merchants who hate and deride you.

How sad.

Regretfully yours,

Ernest Brown

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