Saturday, April 05, 2003

Peter Arnett Reports In

This just in from Peter Arnett, the Always Objective JournalistTM, special to Al Jazeera, the Network of Truth in the Face of the Great SatanTM:

The Unilateral Coalition of Evil, after having been all but defeated by valiant Iraqi forces, has stooped to the ultimate in biological warfare. F-18 Hornets flew over Baghdad today and disgorged massive swarms of giant mutated insects and loathsome locusts--each one with the cloned head of Donald Rumsfeld.

Our--er, I mean Iraq's--Magnificent Leader, his Holy Swellness, Saddam Hussein, countered this insect threat by climbing into a giant robot suit and destroying the mutant bugs with the robot's laser beam eyes. Afterwards, in compliance with the UN, Saddam dismantled the robot and sent all of its parts to UN inspector Hans Blix.

The tattered remnants of the invading insects fled in the direction of Saddam International Airport, where they were destroyed in a crossfire by brave Iraqi troops. More to follow. As always, I am telling only the truth.

Peter Arnett,
Award-Winning Journalist
Truth-Teller Extraordinaire

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